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The Final Bow

It�s 3:19a.m. right now. I�m sitting in front of my computer eating a frozen entree that I had stuffed in my freezer. Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken and broccoli. It�s fairly disgusting but it�s filling the hole.

My last show with Co5 was�incredible. I think it may have been one of our better shows. I know that it will always be, in my mind, one of the most heart-felt performances of my �career�. I wanted the boys to know how much I appreciate them, love them and how eternally grateful I am to have had them in my life. I think I held up pretty well until the very last set. It started to sink in that this was going to be the very last time that I would be doing these particular songs with them. It was going to be the last time that I�d be flipping off Smurf on stage. The last time I would be thrashing with BJ. The last time that we all would chant, �One, Two, Three, let�s get down with the wicked!� before a song. I told Smurf, �This is going to be the last time we are going to sing this song (Knock�n on Heaven�s Door) together.�

Before the last song of the night, I made a little �speech�, if you will. I don�t quite remember what I said. Something about all of the things I had learned and experienced with them. How much they really mean to me. I tried to control the tears, but I couldn�t stop my eyes from leaking.

It was so sweet to see BJ tear up. I then ended the night with �What�s Up?� by the Four Non Blondes. I tried to keep my composure, but that didn�t happen and I was barely able to finish the song. �25 years, and my life is still, trying to get up that great big hill of hope, or a destination.� How poignant. That�s when Bill came from behind his drum set and gave me a hug. Then the rest of the guys joined in. Walking away from them today, was one of the hardest things I�ve ever had to do. I gave tons of hugs and received tons of hugs in return. Both from the band and from the audience. I made them promise that we get together on a regular basis. They are and always will be my family.

They seem to be really excited about my new band and can�t wait for our debut. Of course that won�t be for some time.

Circle of Fifths is one of the most wonderful, caring, brilliant, wonderful group people I have ever had the privilege to know.

I love you guys!!!!

Here ends the three of the best years of my life.

And with that, dear readers I end my time here as Co5girl. Many kisses to all of those who have always supported me.

A toast�

To new beginnings and to wonderful memories.

The End.

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2004-08-21 3:43 a.m.

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